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Acer 5515 Review

by Suzie Kim
(Queens, NY)


AMD Athlon 2650e processor
2 GB Memory
ATI Radeon Xpress 1200 Graphics card
A 160 GB Hard Drive
15” TFT LCD Display
DVD readable and CD ReWriteable drive.
1 built in Web camera
2 USB's ports
1 LAN port
internal Wifi
1 microphone
1headphone jacks
1 VGA port.

The reason why I purchased the Acer 5515 over the others was simply due to technical specifications that were offered with such a low price at the time of purchase.

The laptop came with Windows Vista Home Edition, I have no need for Windows and opted instead to use Linux Ubuntu (Karmic 9.10).

Setting up Linux with this laptop was very easy and almost all the drivers were recognized (The only one I have some glitches is the Web camera).

The boot up time is about 4 to 5 seconds, and the wireless device will take an additional 6 to 8 seconds to join the wireless network. The Display is vivid and does not strain your eyes after hours of work.

Aside from the clean layout and the light weight (About 6 lbs), I like the laptop and would recommend it for simple technical use.

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