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Acer A110AB N270 512 8 GB Flash

by janet
(amsterdam, the netherlands)

I bought my Acer notebook just over a year ago and I am very satisfied with it. I bought it to have a little machine for traveling: sufficient to read my mail and look things up on the internet.

Although the general advice was NOT to buy a machine with Linux, I decided in the end to go for the Acer notebook. It was light, cheap, of good quality and I only needed it for one specific purpose.

At first I had some trouble getting certain things installed, like Skype and the software for the usb-stick for accessing internet on the road, but thank heaven for the internet, in the end I found every instruction I needed. So now my Acer and I are very happy together!

Another reason I chose Acer over any other brand is that, although it is compact, it is very solid. The keys for example have a good feel to them, they are not "clickey". It is fast and the screen, although it is small, is sufficiently sharp to be able to see everything clearly.

The one thing that is annoying is that the cover gets smudgy after a while: I bought the dark blue model and after a while the outside shows sticky fingerprints all over!

Overall, I probably wouldn't recommend this to a friend. I would probably try another laptop that wasn't from Acer as this one was just OK.

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