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Acer Aspire 5618

by KymBerly
(Kansas City)

I have owned my Acer Aspire 5618 for a few months now. I purchased it new, as a upgrade to my previous Net book. In that time, I have come to really rely on my Laptop for some many things!

So far, Acer has not let me down. The Laptop has a full keyboard making typing very easy. Its a decent weight and with a 15.6 HD Screen its easy on the eyes also.

I decided on the Acer rather than the other computers, because it had everything they had but at 1/3rd the price. So far I do not regret it at all.

My laptop came with 160Gb Hard Drive, High Definition Screen, 2 Gb ram, Amd Dual core processor , and much much more. Its running Windows Vista Home.

The Best thing about my laptop is how easy it is to use with the large screen and the full keyboard. The Worst thing is the poor battery life. But I can work with a travel charger.

The Keypad, Speakers and Keyboards all work wonderful. They are not the best you can get, but they get the job done and then some.

I have recommended this to friends and family over and over again!

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