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Acer Aspire 5710G

by Marsha
(Harderwijk, Netherlands)

I've had my Acer Aspire 5710G about 2 years ago now. The main reason for choosing this one over any other brand, to be honest was the price/quality.

It seemed that for the amount paid, you would get a nice laptop that would be good enough for daily use, some games and so on. At first i was pretty content but to be honest, I'm not that positive any more.

It didn't take long before the first problems started. First of all it started to crash from time to time without any real reason. After a while I noticed the laptop seemed to be getting too hot and after asking around I heard more people owning an Acer laptop had this problem. I even put little blocks under each corners to try and keep it a bit cooler.

After a while my webcam stopped functioning. Seemed to have a loose connection somewhere. After a while the crashes came more often and i decided to try and reinstall.

First time this worked but when the crashes got worse again after a while it one day didn't want to start at all any more and i was unable to reinstall without losing data. Recovered my data then and installed linux for that seemed to be the only thing that still works.

All in all I've seemed to have a bit of bad luck with it.

After a year now the keys seem to 'hang' from time to time, causing the same letter to appear 30 times on screen. Besides that, the touchpad works ok, just took me some time to figure out how to turn of the feature of auto double click.

The overall speed is not that bad and it does do what it promised in performance overall. The only problem still is, that whenever I do something that asks a bit more than just typing a letter or whatever (as in playing a simple game) it only lasts for about 5 minutes before it overheats again and crashes.

Overall it wont be a surprise to say I wouldn't recommend this laptop (or any other Acer) to any of my friends and will not likely go for another Acer myself in the future.

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