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Acer Aspire 8730

by vikas sharma
(pune, maharashtra, india)

OMG, don't buy an Acer laptop! I got screwed by their (lack of) support people.

Bought an Aspire 8730, and found that it had a defective right shift key. Acer makes the customer pay to have it shipped to them for repair, so I paid UPS $50US and sent it to them.

They sent it back to me saying that there was nothing wrong with it! I'm not a newbie. I know how a keyboard is supposed to work. Everyone I've ever let type on it has said the same thing: "What's wrong with the shift key?". The last thing I wanted to do was to pay to ship it right back to them and have absolutely no guarantee that they would actually fix it. So I hung on to it and tried to make do by buying an external keyboard. Now, the "x" key is failing too, so I called them. They said that since I didn't send it back within 60 days (or 90, or 30 depending on which rep I contacted), I would indeed have to pay to ship it to them again.

I pointed out that there was no notification of such a time limitation, and was told that there is no notification because it's "a courtesy".

I pointed out that first, they sold me a defective laptop, then their service was defective because they failed to detect the fault, and now they want me to pay to ship it again.

Why should I do that?

They didn't fix it the first time. Why should I believe that they would fix it this time? It's their fault that they didn't fix it the first time I shipped it, & it should be their responsibility to pay to ship it this time.

So I've contacted a local television station's consumer advocate, and am beginning a search to find others who have had to put up with this type of "service". When I do, it'll be time to contact a lawyer about a class action lawsuit.

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