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Acer Aspire Laptop Review

by Steve
(London, UK)

I am a proud owner of Acer Aspire laptop since 2008. In these two years of working, it became my desktop replacement.

It has 2 GB of DDR2 RAM (I will go for two more gigabytes soon), 250 GB hard disk, 2.2 GHz Intel Core2Duo T7500 processor, and NVIDIA GeForce 8400m GS graphic card (with DVI-D output).

The build quality of my Acer Aspire laptop is quite impressive, although I feel it a little bit thick. Keyboard is comfortable and easy to use, with extra functional keys and shortcuts, touchpad works perfectly (but I prefer use of wireless optical mouse), and speakers are powerful enough.

The computer came with already installed version of Windows Vista, with a lot of (but not useful) additional programs.

Soon I'll go for Windows 7 installation, especially because of compatibility and possible improvement of performance.

Overall, this configuration is very powerful and useful (even for playing games on external HD screen and optical audio output), which tends to quickly drain the battery. I have never felt any problems in regards to hardware or pre-installed software.

Anyway, I'm happy with the Acer Aspire Laptop, but I don't have a clear vision on whether Acer is a better producer than other of the low-end laptops that are available.

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