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Acer Aspire One D250

by Lola Hart
(Utah, USA)

I bought this laptop because it is small (10.1 inch) and light with 1.1 kg, thus it's suitable for traveling. That is the best thing from this laptop.

Besides, I am always satisfied with Acer. My old laptop was also from Acer and there was also a special discount for our company staff when we purchased it. The memory of this laptop is 1 GB with 2 GHz Intel Atom processor and hard disk 160 GB.

Keyboard and speakers work good, I can use this laptop well for a video conference. However I feel that the touchpad is too slippery. The speed is reasonable, it should be able to do more. It's performance is pretty typical of today's laptops. I can even choose another color and design for its cover if I wanted to. I like this because I like having something a little funky.

In conclusion, I'll give it a rate 4.0 from 5 for this product and also with pleasure recommend it to other people.

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