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Acer Aspire One Netbook Review

by Junior

Aesthetically pleasing, consistently smooth and powerful.Who needs full size laptops?

Aesthetically pleasing, consistently smooth and powerful.Who needs full size laptops?

I have recently acquired an Acer Aspire One ZG5 Model Netbook. This computer comes with the following specs, which is simply super impressive given the size of the machine.

It has a 160Gb HDD
1.5Gb Ram
up to 284Mb of Video Memory
a bright screen
an Intel Atom 1.6Ghz processor
and several inputs/outputs.

It also has a VGA out, 10/100 Network port, multi-card reader, 3xUSB Ports an SD Card expansion slot and Audio ports.

This machine is amazing for it’s tiny size, it barely fits on my lap between my legs!
There are pros and cons to everything. The machine boots quickly and runs smoothly. It is capable of running 3D games about 2-3 years old now, so not the most up to date for gaming, but still able to render some complicated graphics.

The Graphics chip however is an Intel 945 integrated system, so it does not every game, but it is easily capable of running full screen video, and has managed to run HD YouTube and related sites.

In all the best thing about the Netbook is its small size and extreme power. It is so fast for Internet and application use.

The memory is ample and is able to run graphical programs such as Photoshop and Illlustrator concurrently without barely a pause when switching between them. The screen size is a bit of a downer as the maximum resolution is 1024x600, so a little out of normal ratio, but the screen is a sort of “mini” widescreen. Still, the display is clear and accurate so workable.

The keyboard is soft, responsive and I have not had any problems with it yet. The mouse is a touch-pad, but aesthetically pleasing as it is hard cased and the same color/material as the rest of the case.

My own qualm is the multi-touch zooming in/out if you using pinching movements on the pad. Careful use avoids this however. As per most Laptop Speakers you will not find the best quality. While able to play sounds clearly they are not very loud, so external is the way to go.

If someone is looking for a small, portable, easy to use and beautiful looking laptop/netbook I would recommend the Acer Aspire One. Even though it is a netbook it’s got the insides of a laptop. It’s not got the limited SSD disk drive (usually 4-8Gb) of most netbooks and the processor is perfect.

I’m impressed with the amount of RAM which assists with all programs. And the small size makes it perfect for use on the train, in the cafe or anywhere in the house. Buy one, you won’t be buying those large heavy knee breaking laptops of the past!

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