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Acer Aspire One

by Matt

I decided to get an Acer for two reasons;

1. the size made it easy to take to classes

2. the battery life meant I wouldn't need to charge it during or in between classes

It has worked great for exactly the purpose I bought it. It navigates the internet very well, is well suited for typing despite the small keyboard, and backing up pictures.

I've been using it for about seven months and the hard drive isn't cluttered, like a small drive can easily become.

I really have no complaints about the hardware, except for the touch pad. It is a little temperamental, randomly zooms and scrolls sometimes. After a little getting used to the touch pad, it doesn't happen very often anymore.

It does have the option to turn off the touch pad (like if I were just typing) so it won't accidentally click on something.

The speakers work great, comes out surprisingly loud and clear. The different jacks (USB, memory card slots, and ear phone) haven't had any glitches so far.

Its a noticeable computer. In almost every class I attended someone commented on my Acer. Mostly the comment was "that is so cute!" but then everyone wanted to know how much it cost.

I recommended buying to other students, my father saw how much I liked it and bought one, and my brother is looking into getting one too.

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