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Acer Aspire One

by Elizabeth

A horrible storm blew through my neighborhood and fried my ethernet card. I was taking an on-line class and HAD to have internet access.

So rather than shell out several hundred dollars, I ran out to my nearest big-box department store for a quick fix. I didn't want a laptop with a bunch of bells and whistles, just one that would help me get my work done.

I don't know how much memory is on the hard drive, but my tiny little notebook has a 10-inch diagonal screen, a 7-1/2 hour battery, built in web-cam and some other features I have yet to discover.

The best qualities of the Acer Aspire One are the weight and compactness. It is a breeze to take along on trips. It's wifi-ready, so I can get online whether I'm in Mexico or Ireland. It does not have a CD burner/player, but that doesn't bother me. I can download movies and/or music to a jump drive and carry my entertainment with me conveniently.

Getting used to the smaller keyboard was certainly an adjustment, along with the smaller screen. But again, I stress, it's perfect for traveling. I use universal earplugs so I can listen to music, which comes across beautifully and crisply.

I don't store any files on my computer, therefore the speed is pretty good. I find myself recommending this as a good starter computer for kids and adults alike. Students will find it extremely compatible with their budget. I would not attempt to design artwork or undertake major projects on this little machine, but it's great for small tasks that can be transferred to a larger computer.

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