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Acer Aspire One

by Courtney
(Pennsylvania, United States)

I am the very happy owner of an Acer Aspire One netbook! I chose this laptop because I was looking for something small and compact for traveling and schoolwork, and this laptop seemed like the best value for my was also the cheapest available, only $200 when other netbooks with the same specifications were in the $260 range from Dell and HP. My roommate also has an Acer laptop and she highly recommended this brand to me.

This particular laptop comes with 136 GB of memory on the hard drive, which isn't a ton, but it's certainly enough for my uses, which are pretty much internet, document creating/editing, and music.

The best thing about this laptop is the bang for your buck. This laptop has great performance, screen quality, and features wrapped up in a little 10 inch screen! The only thing I don't particularly like about this laptop is that the keyboard and touchpad are a little small (but that's to be expected).

Aside from the fact that the keyboard and touchpad are a little small, they both work very well and have a very quick response time.

On my old laptop, I had a frequent problem of the keyboard and touchpad freezing and I would type and type and type but nothing would appear on the screen. This has never been a problem for me on this laptop.

The speakers on this laptop are actually quite good considering it's size, the only downfall is that they are located on the bottom front, so they muffle easily if you are using this laptop on your actual lap and not at a desk.

The speed and performance of this laptop are fantastic! I'd say it's unrivaled by its competitors.

Overall, I would highly recommend this laptop to anyone. I have yet to be disappointed by it's performance, and I'm now sold on Acer! I won't ever buy another brand!

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