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by Jennifer
(Spokane, WA, United States)



I have owned my Acer Aspire One laptop for nearly ten months now. I have had absolutely no issues with it as far as manufacture or programming goes.

My Acer came with Windows XP as the operating system pre-installed. At first I found that the slightly smaller keyboard was bothersome, but shortly I found myself growing more and more used to the smaller keyboard and actually fitting my smaller hands better than normal keyboards.

I found that the sound settings were a bit lacking as far as loudness goes, but the actual quality of the sound exceptional even compared to some other laptops I have used. When using headphones I have had no issues with either quality or volume. I found that the web cam worked very well and haven’t ever had any issues with lag or picture quality.

The touch bar I have found can be a bit hard to use at times and I have also found that it does not respond accordingly even with the settings changed to react faster or slower to movement. When using an external mouse however, I have found no issues. The battery capacity is awful in my opinion, and I find myself almost always plugged into a wall because of how quickly it died.

The software that came pre-installed on the computer was both unnecessary and annoying to get rid of in my opinion. There were many free trials of games, but they only allowed you to play around 30 minutes of each game. When it came time to delete these games it has a hassle because there was so much software, so many games, and the uninstall time was quite slow.

It came with Microsoft Explorer pre installed on the computer which I quickly replaced with Firefox.

The Acer computer came with a free 60 day trial of the Microsoft programs, and I believe once the trial was up you also had the option to purchase the student edition for a cheaper price. It had a few other programs installed on it, but I cannot recall how useful they were.

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