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Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T

by Zoaib

I decided to buy Acer Timeline 4810T because of its more then 8 hour battery life, powerful speed and its light weight. You can carry it wherever you want to without any hassle.The price tag of this gadget is also very reasonable.

Acer Timeline 4810T comes with Powerful IntelĀ® Core2 Duo processor with 3 MB L2 Cache, 3 Gb DDR3 Memory and 320 Gb Hard Drive, 8x Multi Double layer drive, 5 in one card reader.

There are many cool things I love about my machine, bright 14" HD display, its powerful speed, the overall look, reliability of performance but the thing which i love the most is its battery life as i stated above.

I don't think there's any worst part but I will say you need to handle it with care. As its very light slim device it needed to be handle properly.

The keyboard and touchpad are quite comfortable to use. The newest and real good thing in this machine is that previously when i was using my old laptop usually my palm movements accidentally register on the touchpad but its resolved as this machine has a dedicated button that disables both the pad and its buttons.

I don't really know what others are saying but when its comes to me I will say the speed and performance of my machine are Excellent. I am totally satisfied with the performance.

When it comes to recommendation I already recommended this gadget to two of my friends even one of them has purchased it another is planning. Of course I can recommended to anyone who needs great performance in great price.

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