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Acer Extensa 4620Z

by Charles
(Natick, MA)

I bought the Acer laptop on price alone, it was the best deal the retailer had. It also appeared to be a small, but feature filled computer for the price.

My laptop came with 2G Ram, 140 Gig Hard Drive, CD/DVD, webcam, ac adapter, and wireless network adapter. There seemed to be less preloaded trial software than other laptops I have purchased from a retailer.

The computer is light, the battery lasts longer than any laptop I have owned in the past, and it has not had one performance issues to date. It is rugged and I take it with me everywhere.

The best thing about my laptop is the amount of features crammed into a small, lightweight package. The worst feature of the laptop is that some of the device ports are in the front of the computer.

The keyboard and touch pad on the Acer work beautifully, the speakers, however, are not quite loud enough even for minimal audio usage. The standard speakers will not the test of music fans. If speaker quality is important, I recommend external speakers or good headphones.

The laptop is quick, and its performance has been flawless. I have owned and used my laptop daily for 2 years and I have never had a performance issue.

I would absolutely recommend this laptop to a friend, and I would definitely buy Acer again. To restate what I said before, the laptop has operated better than any other I have owned in the past, and it performs flawlessly every day. Acer does little advertising that I can see, but based on price and my experience I would buy their products again and again.

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