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All About My Dell Inspiron 1420 Laptop

by Leah
(Des Moines, IA)

In 2007, we purchased a Dell Inspiron 1420. It has 160G hard drive, and 2G of memory. It have a 14" screen, and doesn't run Windows. It came with the Linux Ubuntu operating system.

The best thing about this computer is that it's light and portable. You an put it in your backpack, and take it anywhere. It has nice crisp screen resolution.

The touch pad is a little too sensitive, as a slight bump will send the cursor flying across the screen. The speakers are very small and don't project much stereo sound. It would be best to plug in a pair of external speakers. The key board is a soft touch, very easy to type, but there is no number key pad so typing numbers is a little annoying.

This laptop does a great job of zipping through web pages, but doesn't play video very well. Picture editing and music tasks are also kind of iffy.

I would buy from Dell again if I could get a computer that is more suited to editing video and pictures. A Dell Studio would be a fine choice.

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