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Apple Macbook 13 Inch Screen

I looked into buying an Apple laptop when I enrolled in college for graphic design. I decided on the Macbook because the other laptops I checked out did not have the specs or user-friendliness I was looking for.

The specs of my Macbook are 150GB Hard Drive, 2GB RAM, and a G-Force video card.

The best thing about my laptop I would say is the little chance of ever getting a virus since hardly any exist for Apple's operating system compared to the countless trojans and worms written for PC's. The worst thing about my laptop is the small 13.3" screen.

In the graphic design industry resolution is a huge factor in the quality of our work and I find the screen is too small too use for designing. The keyboard is something I would rate quite highly since I find the raised keys very ergonomic.

The touchpad is also a great feature and I would rate it highly as well due to its ease of use.

The speakers I wouldn't rate so highly and would recommend purchasing a supplementary set of speakers if you plan on watching videos or listening to music.

I would rate the speed and performance of the Macbook pretty fairly. It can get fairly slow if many CPU-draining applications are open. I would definitely recommend the Macbook by Apple to a friend and think it will make their lives much easier. I hope to buy from Apple again in the future.

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