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Apple MacBook 13.3 inch 2.4 i

by Marty
(The Netherlands)

Apple MacBook 13.3 inch 2.4 i

Apple MacBook 13.3 inch 2.4 i

I have had Windows laptops for years, but was tired of the virus threats that pop up all the time. In addition, my Windows laptops were usually quite slow to start up and shut down. But most of all I decided it was time for a cool and funky laptop. A colleague showed me his new Apple laptop and then I knew for sure: yes I want this laptop too!

I never really bothered about the specs of my laptop. I knew it would be able to do the job for me: surfing the web, storing photo’s, listening to video’s and music and playing online games.

The best thing about my laptop are the looks: it just looks super cool! The worst thing is that I had to get used to the slightly different user experience, because remember I was used to having Windows laptops for years.

The keyboard works very smoothly. The only disadvantage is that the keyboard is white, so I need to give it a clean every now and then and I have to make sure my fingers are not too dirty when I want to use my laptop. I never really use the touch pad, I can’t navigate without a mouse., but it works fine. The speakers are not the best I have to say. The sound is very thin. But when I want to listen to music I usually plug in my headphones, and then everything sounds brilliant.

I am very satisfied about my laptop’s speed and performance. I feel my laptop is much faster than any Windows laptop I ever had.

I will definitely recommend my laptop to a friend. My current laptop is more than 2 years old and still works as if it is brand new. But when it ever crashes (probably never!) I will definitely buy an Apple laptop again.

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