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Apple MacBook Air

by D. Martin
(Lakeview, IL USA)

I’ve owned my MacBook Air for about 11 months and I love it. However it has not been without its problems.

My MacBook has had a thermal unit replaced twice, a broken hinge replaced and is on its third hard drive replacement. All these issued have been covered warranty and the repairs completed by my “local”, about a 90 minute drive, Apple store.

The only time I had to leave the unit overnight was for the hinge repair, I’ve always called ahead and the staff of the repair center has been very accommodating to get me same day service.

But for all the problems I’ve had I still wouldn’t trade it for anything else, the full size keyboard, widescreen LCD display combined with excellent battery life and the ultrathin, ultra light weigh make more that make up for the issues.

I also accept the fact that I purchased the unit in the model rollout. I’m sure Apple has addressed these issues and has incorporated changes in later production models.

I do wish I could add additional RAM to the 2GB it comes with. I run most of my applications within Apple’s Boot Camp application since I have a lot of time and expertise invested in the Microsoft programs I’ve used for the past 20 years and can’t get comparable results with what is available for Macs. Working with 2GB is a hassle at times, but again worth the tradeoff.

I'm starting to become more and more accustomed to my Macbook Air. I'll probably use this over a PC the next time I decide to purchase a new laptop.

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