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Apple Macbook

by Caroline Wesley
(Waterloo, On Canada)

I decided to get a Macbook because they never seem to get viruses. Every PC I had in the past got so many viruses, and after 2 years- my Mac still hasn't gooten one!

It has a 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, and 2 GB of SDRAM.

The best thing about it is how easy it is to use! It took a little adjustment to learn the things that are different from PCs, but they are all pretty intuitive things. It automatically recognizes devices I attach, and programs load so easily. The worst thing about it is that the document formats always have to be changed when I send things out to PC users, but that is not such a big deal.

The keyboard is fine- I kind of wish that there was the additional number pad on the right side of it- but that is just a space concern. The touch pad is still great, I love the scrolling features it provides, and after 2 years it is still really smooth. The speakers are crisp and clear and great.

My Macbook is fast and has never given me a day of trouble, performance wise. I would recommend a Macbook to my friends anytime, and have. My mother in law bought one recently and loves it. So easy, so reliable, so good! I will definitely buy one again.

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