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Asus Eee (11.5" screen)

Asus Eee keyboard

Asus Eee keyboard

My Asus Eee has been nothing other than perfect for me. I initially wanted it because I have a rather large laptop that I did not want to lug around from each class to the next. I also thought about other features I would want in a new computer portable netbook.

The first thing I thought I needed would be battery life, with my larger laptop being only 1.5 hours, I wanted a lot of battery life. The Eee promoted an 8 hour battery life, which I'd say goes about 6 hours when constantly using. It is amazing though. I will bring it from class to class each day, and only have to charge it every few days. It's the best of a netbook book you can get.

Only minus is no CD drive. Buy a cheap external and you'll be fine.

One feature that I thought was really fun on the Eee was all the preloaded applications it had. It comes with the “fun-zone” type program and you can play games, listen to music, and even learn a new language.

It also comes with an external storage slot on the internet. Even though the Eee has a good hard drive for a netbook, the external works out very well because you can access those files from any computer.

The Eee trackpad is very cool, because it is the first I have seen of its type on a PC. The bumpy textured trackpad is easy to find in the dark, but it also has many of the abilities of the famous Mac trackpad. Two fingers scrolls up or down. Turn them to rotate object. Very cool feature.

All in All:

Screen- Huge (for netbook)-A

Battery- 8 HOURS?!!!- A+

Preloaded stuff = +

No CD drive = -

Track pad = GREAT

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