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Asus EEE Machine

by Jennifer
(Comstock Park, Mi)

I am your typical everyday girl, so when I decided it was time to get a new laptop I have to be honest with you and say that the way it looked was my biggest concern! The rest, well that I left up to my husband!

I was instantly drawn to the look, feel and all around appeal of the burgendy Asus, as like I said appearance means everything to me and the color is honestly what drew me to it. That and the fact that the keys weren't all scrunched together like a normal laptop.

Anyway, with that being said...My Asus is very quiet, though a bit louder than I expected. If it is sitting right next to me on the desk in a quiet room, the fan sound is a little bit annoying. With it mounted under the desk, even at night in a very quiet room I can hardly hear it.

My husband hooked it up to a Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor to measure its power consumption. When it's not busy, it only uses 19 watts of power. We didn't try too hard to tax it, but doing things like launching applications and watching videos brought the power consumption up to 25 watts. I'm very impressed.

If I left it on 24 hours a day, at 19 watts that translates to about $20 in electricity for an entire year. (For comparison, my regular PC uses about 5 times as much electricity.)

Some things We have done on my Asus with no problem:

* Watched YouTube and Netflix videos

* Had sound going through the HDMI cable and through a USB audio interface (a Griffin iMic)

* Had a VGA monitor at 1280x1024 and an HDTV at 1080p hooked up separately and also simultaneously with an "extended desktop"

* Burned a DVD

I am very happy with my decision to purchase an Asus!

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