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Asus Eee PC

Asus Eee PC

Asus Eee PC

I decided to buy this laptop because the price was good, the specs were good, and I liked the look of it.

The laptop has 160 GB hard drive and 1 MB memory. I thought of buying a red one, but it turned out to be more like pink, so I decided to go for black. The cover is shiny, so you will see your fingerprints on them, but luckily there comes a special tissue with the laptop to clean it. The key board Works fine, so do the speakers.

I had to get used to the touchpad in the beginning, because certain finger movement combinations can for instance make you zoom in. But in the end I got it round. What I really like is the excellent webcam.

Even if there is not much light, it still gives good images. I also really like the size; it’s a netbook. This means that it is really convenient for travelling and using at school or at conferences.

Although it gets heavy anyway after a whole day of carrying it around with you. What I don’t really like is that fact that the speed decreases rapidly if you are working on the battery. That is sometimes a bit annoying. I have tried to adjust the settings for this, but have been unable to solve it.

Besides that, I am happy about the speed. I run a lot of programs at the same time, and sometimes it gets slower, but it doesn’t freak out or anything. I would definitely recommend this laptop to a friend. And yes, I think I would buy from Asus again. But this is the only laptop I have ever had, so I can’t really compare.

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