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Asus G50V

by Yau Pak Ming

Asus G50V screen

Asus G50V screen

I bought this Asus G50V over a year ago. Since it is part of the Asus Republic of Gamers series, it came with a bagpack, a gaming mouse and a steel series headset.

The specifications of this laptop, hardware wise, it is quite good even until now, it is able to support all the games. Weight wise, it is quite bulky and heavy especially when the keyboard has a numpad on it and the monitor is 15.4 inches. However, the bagpack given as a freegift allows this laptop to be carried around easily.

The durability of this laptop is very good. Since it is a gaming laptop, it has a great cooling system. I am able to play games at high settings for an extended period of time without it overheating. However, I do get occasional blue screens probably due to software errors. A quick reformat solved the problem.

Other than the cooling system, the keyboard is good too. The keys on the keyboards are not those new rubbery, soft quiet keys which do not give you the "feel" of typing. The touchpad is sensitive enough and like most touchpads, sliding along the edge of the touchpad allows you to scroll on the screen.

As seen in the pictures, there is also an LED display. This display can be configured to tell battery life and even msn messages! Beside the display are several touch-sensitive buttons. These buttons include, switching of power modes, shortcut media player, switching touchpad on/off, and monitor colour control. Other than these shortcuts, there are also the usual laptop Fn shortcuts.

Behind the laptop, there are also LED displays which lights up when you switch the laptop on. The middle Asus logo blinks when your laptop is in sleep mode, making it easier to check while on the move.

Other than the downside of being heavier and bulky, there really isn't any cons I can think of for the Asus G50V. I am still using and loving this laptop.

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