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Asus G51 Review

by Arihant Jain
(New Delhi, Delhi, India)

I have this laptop, the G51 from Asus tek pvt. ltd. The day I bought it was my birthday, and so far, I am very satisfied with the decision.

The laptop is a masterpiece. It is powerful and very customizable. The laptop has a concrete like build quality and has never failed on me to date.

The laptop is equipped with the latest and greatest of hardware available. The one that I have has the P8600 processor series of core2duo processors.

This series of processors is anticipated to lower the power consumption by a considerable margin. It comes with huge amounts of RAM. The DDR3 technology that it supports enables gaming and performance enthusiasts to quench their thirst for a powerful machine.

The keyboard, especially, on this machine is very good and the flex for it is almost negligible. The build quality is rock solid and promises for it to be durable and a nice machine for a long run.

The Wireless networking connection was established in a split second with the easy to use built in connection setup wizard.

The graphic adapter, the GTX 260M from nVidia is the latest of mobile gaming cards and is a tier one graphics adapter. On AC mode, the laptop can play almost every game including Crysis and Crysis warhead on medium settings. The performance of this laptop on certain games with the Highest settings was a mixed bag though.

Also, the laptop has severe heating problems. I usually put the laptop on my Lap while playing and after just 20 minutes of game play, the laptop turns into a fireball and is almost intolerable to even touch. I expect the cooling system of this laptop with this mammoth of a graphics card to be well enough to face the heat.

The laptop comes with an assuring 2 years of international warranty which can be availed at different service centers of Asustek all over the world. The list of the service centers is available off the web.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Asus G51 to anyone looking for a powerful gaming laptop.

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