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Asus G51J Gaming Laptop

by James
(Ontario, Canada)

Asus G51J

Asus G51J

About 6 months ago, I purchased an Asus G51J gaming laptop. I decided to purchase it over other laptops for two major reasons. The first was that I spend large amounts of time gaming, and I needed a machine that could run new games smoothly. The second reason was that I did not have a massive amount of money available to spend, and $1,800 is fantastic for this machine.

This computer has 700gb of HDD storage, 4GB RAM (upgradable), an NVidia Geforce GTX 260M video card, and a set of i7 processors.

My favorite thing about this laptop has to be the graphics quality. The screen is absolutely beautiful, and the frame rates in newer games are amazing. One issue with this computer I've had was occasional video card crashes, where the screen would go black for about 2 seconds. It would recover quickly. This problem seems to be solved with newer versions of the laptop, using NVidia Geforce GTX 300m series video cards.

I would rate the keyboard and touchpad a 10/10 due to the background lighting and comfort. The speakers are an 8/10 due to the above average, but not incredible sound quality.

This laptop's processor and video card are incredible, and if you are a hardcore gamer you will love it. Constantly gives smooth gameplay.

I would certainly recommend this computer to a friend. If you are looking for a good gaming computer, this is the computer to buy! Asus is a great company for gaming laptops.

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