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ASUS Laptop A8jr Core2Duo T7200

My asus laptop

My asus laptop

The rounded silver-and-black chassis won't elicit stares, but it's attractive. The full-sized keyboard is comfortable, as is the large, smooth touchpad.

The pad's integrated mouse buttons are a bit stiff, and with just a thin line differentiating the button area from the touchpad area, it's easy to press the corner of the touchpad when you mean to hit a mouse button.

More annoying is the lack of dedicated multimedia control keys. And on our model, the Function-key combo to toggle Wi-Fi on and off didn't work, nor did the preloaded Asus Net Switch utility; we had to use Vista's Network Diagnostic tool to enable the radio.

The 14.1-inch widescreen is particularly bright and vivid (and particularly reflective), and text on the 1280 x 800-pixel panel was crisp and legible.

It also did a good job displaying DVD movies, and you can use the included Asus Splendid utility to tweak screen settings for various tasks (images, movies, etc). The notebook speaker's audio output, however, was thin and weak.

One last thing, in my opinion, this is one of the most powerful computers for gaming.

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