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ASUS Revolutionary Notebook PRO31J

(Canberra, Australia)

ASUS Revolutionary Notebook PRO31J

ASUS Revolutionary Notebook PRO31J

When I bought this Asus, in 2006/7, it was the best laptop being sold at my local dealer, JB Hi Fi, for playing games. I have spent a good deal of time on it since then, for all manner of things: word processing, graphics-intensive game playing, music recording and playing. It's done a fairly good job, but it's slowing down in its old age, despite registry checks/reinstalling windows etc.

Cons: When I first bought it, it was beyond the ingenuity of myself or anyone I knew to get the included TV adapter to work. The sleep function irritatingly ignores the time limit I have set, and whenever it cuts off music or a movie it does so with a juddering halt, cutting the sound into 4 or 5 portions before stopping. It is also an extremely heavy laptop. Having taken it with me traveling, it was with regret that I would put it back in my bag each day and shoulder the 3.6 kg load. If you're going to commute, this might not be the computer for you.

Pros: The battery is fairly long life even after all this time and when using it intensively. The onboard speakers are fair, but loud enough to be heard over cooking/general conversation. The wireless card has an exceptional reach, and nothing has ever failed and needed repair, even after I dropped it a few times (once, off of a speeding bike). Overall, I am extremely happy with my ASUS Pro31J, and would recommend an Asus as a very good option to investigate.

Watch out for: The typing area, the large flat area below the keyboard where it is natural to rest one's wrists, is flat and unyielding, and also lets off a lot of heat. This might sound like a fairly small problem but it can take its toll after extensive gaming and essay writing.

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