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Dell Insipiron Mini 10

by Akira Matheny
(Peoria, AZ)

Dell Insipiron Mini 10

Dell Insipiron Mini 10

Small, powerful, and VERY useful, this computer has it all! A long lasting battery keeps you going for hours. The huge hard drive space and 1gb of RAM keeps this computer running fast and efficient. The low price point, about $250, is also a great feature. Some issues I have had with this laptop, however, could have been quite costly if it were not under warranty still.

The original hard drive just stopped working one day, a replacement was sent and very easy to install myself. Too bad that hard drive was busted as well.

The computer works great now. The other thing about the computer is that the computer is so small that it does not contain it's own disc reader, you have to purchase an external disc reader, which can run very slowly. For a high school or college student, this computer is the best to get. For internet flash games, it works wonderfully. If you edit video or photos for a living, buy a Mac with photoshop or final cut.

If you play high resolution games, or games with high definition graphics, you need to go out and find a higher RAM and bigger screen. This computer is VERY portable, fitting in mini backpacks or small purses. The wireless internet works flawlessly and is reliable as a way to connect my xbox 360 to the internet. The only thing on the system itself that I HAD to change as soon as I got it is the windows 7 starter, which comes with most new laptops.

It doesn't allow you to do ANYTHING.

Overall, this computer is everything I need and more. I am incredibly happy with this purchase, and it's been the biggest help in my college life.

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