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Dell Inspiron 1420 Review

My Dell Inspiron 1420 came with 3 gigs of ram, 32 bit operating system, 2.00 Ghz processing speed, and 250 gigs of harddrive.

The best thing about my laptop is that it is durable. I have carried it around with me often without anything breaking. Also I had the option of choosing numerous colors for the laptop, so its red color allows for it to be easily recognized from others.

The worst thing would have to be hitting the media direct button before turning on my computer, it caused a problem with my boot record and I had to reformat the laptop.

The keyboard makes quite a bit of sound, but it is also a satisfying click. The paint on the keyboard does chip easily and the keys do occasionally fall off.

The touchpad occasionally has problems recognizing me moving and would go in the opposite direction than I chose, this is quite annoying but there are no driver updates to fix this problem.

The speakers themselves are kind of low, but has decent bass. It does also crackle at times when listening to music.

The speed does slow down with the more processes that are put on it, but it is not considerable.

I would not recommend this particular laptop as it is a bit outdated, and quite a bit heavier than its newer and larger models, but I would purchase from Dell again as its customer service is decent. Whenever I ask for a replacement part, a new part is shipped to me overnight.

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