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Dell Inspiron 1525 Review

by Ryan
(Columbus, OH)

Dell Inspiron 1525

Dell Inspiron 1525

What specs (memory, hard drive, etc.) did your laptop come with, if known?

I bought my Dell Inspiron 1525 in 2008. It has 2GB of memory, a 250 GB hard drive, a Pentium Dual Core Inside processor, and Windows Vista.

From my experience, the dual core is WAY better than the AMD processor that way also available.

I also decided to go above and beyond with hard drive space. The last two laptops I owned, hard drive space was always the #1 reason I needed a new laptop. So by going overboard with hard drive space, I'm hoping I can have this laptop for a long time.

What are the best and worst things about your laptop?

The best thing about this laptop is I received great specs for a very affordable price. However, I wish I could have the same specs as my previous Dell Inspiron e1505. I liked the media buttons right in front. I really dislike the blue media buttons in the Inspiron 1525. Yes, they are a little fancier. But they simply aren't as useable.

I will say that the lid seems to be more durable than the Inspiron e1505. That lid ended up falling apart after 2 years of extreme use.

How would you rate the keyboard, touchpad, and speakers?

The keyboard is a little clicky, but I've grown to love it. The keys aren't as quite as some laptops I've used, but they are certainly not an issue once you get used to them.

No issues with the touchpad, except the buttons my be a little small.

The speakers are your typical laptop speakers, not loud enough. I usually use headphones, so this isn't a problem. But nevertheless, they should be louder than what they are.

How would you rate your laptop's speed and performance?

Speed and performance are very good, thanks to the specs that I got it with.

Start up time is a little slow, but that's because I have several programs I want to open when I start my laptop. However, once it gets up and running, performance is excellent.

Would you recommend this laptop to a friend? Will you buy from Dell again?

I would certainly recommend a Dell laptop, although, I would probably hold out for whatever new Dell Inspiron model comes out. The Inspiron 1525 seems like a step backwards from the very solid Dell Inspiron e1505. Everyone loved the media buttons in front in that laptop, so I question their reason for moving them.

The Dell Inspiron 1525 is definitely a budget friendly laptop, that appears that will last me a long time.

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