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Dell Inspiron 1525

by Tim Abrahamson
(Hoover, AL, USA)

It is so hard to remember where to begin with this laptop...

At first it started as just a personal computer for myself, but soon it became a device for recording my music, playing PC games, fixing up all of my pictures, and even watching great movies.

Even though mine is falling apart at the moment, and does not always charge well, I will always love it. So much content that I have created is on it that I never want to lose.

I would recommend the Dell Inspiron 1525 to anyone with a low price range, but in need of a tough product that gives you what you pay for.

Everyone in my family even could use my laptop, and everything would be fine because I kept it virus-free. Its an easy to use, great for the house, and just all around great deal.

It has one disk drive, 2 headphone/speaker ports, one computer microphone port, and 4 USB inputs. I used my web camera with this computer, many audio recording/editing programs, PC games, 1000s of pictures, and much more content.

One problem I had was that my cat likes to jump on my keyboard, and sometimes she rips keys straight off of it. Also over time the screen section has started splitting away from the keyboard section, but everything still works just as good.

Mine is pretty old (over 5 years), and has been used for so long. It is hard to truly believe everything I have created with this Dell! So all I can say is keep It safe, keep the charger in a safe place, keep your downloads down, and enjoy this great computer.

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