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Dell Inspiron 1750

by Eric
(Derry, PA, USA)

I love this laptop. It's been running just as fast as it was the day I purchased it. The main reason that I picked this laptop over others is the screen size.

I quite frequently use my laptop to watch movies, the screen makes the experience much greater.

It came with a 500gb hard drive, 4gb of RAM, and a 64-bit OS.

The best thing about my laptop would have to be its 17.3" screen, the worst would have to be the battery life.

The keyboard on the laptop is very nice, you can type very smoothly. The touch pad does seem to give me troubles sometimes, but its never anything severe just simple things like scrolling down too far.

The speakers are good, personally I think that they could of made them a little louder. In a scale of 1-10 I would rate my Dell's performance a 9.

I actually have recommended this computer to friends, and two of them actually have already purchased them.

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