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Dell Inspiron B130 Laptop Story

by Lori
(morelia, Michoacan, Mexico)

Well, where do I begin? I own an Inspiron B130. I ordered via the phone and specified a larger memory, wireless capability and a battery with a longer life.

30 days after receiving my Dell, the hard drive crashed. After spending countless time on the phone with the rep and having to dismantle my laptop, she finally determined it was my hard drive.

Luckily, they were good enough to send another (marked refurbished) overnight express.

One year after the purchase, the battery lost most power and if I am lucky, it is good for 45 minutes. Not to mention, when I ordered the laptop, I also asked for DVR copy and rewrite.

Only when I went to use it, much later, did I find out that for video copy, I must subscribe to the provider of the DVR.

This laptop, now 4 yrs old was outdated after one year. When I am ready to purchase another laptop, I will consider another brand.

Not to mention, the ink for the Dell printer is almost impossible to find. I am currently out of the U.S. and it is truly a problem for me.

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