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Dell Inspiron Brand Review

by Azlan MN
(Johor, Malaysia)

What is the brand model of your laptop?

My family has owned 2 Dell laptops in the past 4 years, but I seriously don't remember the full model names except for "Inspiron".

What specs (memory, hard drive, etc.) did your laptop come with, if known?
I only know that both used Intel processors, and only one had a WiFi card built-in.

What are the best and worst things about your laptop?

Keeping in mind that this info is outdated, the best about both laptops was it's price and you that could customize the laptops at Dell's website.

Other than that, it's performance was average and the battery life was short (about 2-3 hours).

The main reason I stopped using the laptop was after 2 years battery life had gotten to the point where it would completely die as soon as I pulled out the charger, and a year after that the laptop wouldn't charge (It claimed the Dell charger that I've been using for 3 years isn't a Dell charger. This happened to both laptops).

How would you rate the keyboard, touchpad, and speakers?

Keyboard and touchpad would rate 4.5/5, speakers 2/5 I realize that laptop speakers aren't the best, but I thought they would be better than what they were. I hope that some of the newer Dell Inspiron laptop models have better performing speakers.

How would you rate your laptop's speed and performance?

Average. I'm not really a power user. So I don't need a lot of muscle with a laptop. However, for the basic tasks that I used this for, it seemed to get the job done.

Would you recommend this laptop to a friend? Will you buy from Dell again?

No, I wouldn't recommend a Dell laptop nor will I buy one unless I'm convinced the battery/charger issue I faced previously has been fixed. I ended up selling the laptops at a scrap shop for RM10/kg.

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