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Dell Inspiron I1764-6075OBK

I just bought this Dell recently from Best Buy. Liked the look of this model amongst other competitors.

Aside from the sleek metallic look, the new core i5-330m processor in this runs like a charm. 4 gb of RAM and a 500 gb hard drive is plenty for me and my needs. 17.3" display gives you plenty of workspace and yet its widescreen design doesn't make it look gigantic.

Best thing about this laptop is its performance and overall look. Out performs pretty much all dual core processors in its class.

Worst thing about the laptop is the fact that the computer geniuses over at dell partitioned the hard drive incorrectly so I originally had 50 GB of savable space and the remainder of my drive partitioned for recovery.

Thanks Dell, that was a fun fix....

The keyboard is a little flimsy the keys just being plastic pieces not too rugged as well as the fairly cheap right and left click buttons. The touchpad is not awful, but I have never taken to any touchpad's really. Speakers in a laptop are speakers.... nothing phenomenal, decent, fairly loud.

Yes, I would recommend this laptop to a friend, its a good computer for the money i paid.

Quite frankly, my trust is swayed by my incorrectly partitioned hard drive, what else could be wrong with the computer I cant see? I most likely will not buy another Dell

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