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Dell Inspiron

by Danielle
(Traverse City, MI, USA)

Dell Inspiron Screen

Dell Inspiron Screen

I purchased my Dell Inspiron laptop just about a year ago. I knew that I needed a laptop and since I had used a Dell in the past, I started by looking on their website.

I asked some friends about what features to have included on my laptop as I would be using it primarily for recording voice-overs and surfing the Internet.

I went through and picked out the features that I wanted. I liked that they told you what the recommended features were and how much extra is would cost for additional features.

I thought it was too bad that it cost extra to get a laptop that was any other color than black. I ended up going with the standard black. I remember that the price was reasonable, I think about $700 and it included free shipping.

I spent the first day my Dell arrived going through and installing programs and getting rid of the ones that I didn’t need. I liked that it came with McAfee security built in.

I may have had to pay for it when purchasing the computer, but it was already installed and I didn’t have to worry about that. It took awhile to get used to how things were stored and how to open programs. I thought the screen size was great and the ease of opening attachments, etc. was excellent.

I have been using my laptop for a year now and I really enjoy how the battery lasts a decent amount of time if the computer is unplugged. It is portable and shuts down and starts up quickly.

I did drop it on concrete last week, but besides a small chip in the top left corner, it doesn’t seem to have been damaged. Also, when my power cord stopped working a couple months ago, a Dell specialist came to my house to replace it within a week.

I would highly recommend this laptop to anyone looking to purchase laptop.

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