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Dell laptop Inspiron 6400

I bought my laptop about three years ago. I choose DELL because most people I know, including some computer experts, told me that DELL computers are excellent.

At that time, I did not know much about computers. So I asked one of my classmates to help me pick a laptop computer.

Finally, after selecting for a whole afternoon, I picked this one, DELL Inspiron 6400. I have 1.0 GB memory, processor Intel core 2 duo 1.83 GHz, and a 120GB Hard Disk.

After three years, I can honestly say that I LOVE my Dell laptop Inspiron 6400. Because I can do a lot of things with it. I could listen to music online, I could search some studying materials, and I could chat with my friends online. My laptop provides me a lot of convenience and makes my life better.

Generally speaking, my laptop has worked well during the past three years. But one fault I could say is it is too heavy.

For a little girl like me, it seems to be too big. The screen is 15.4 and makes it more like a boy's laptop. So next time when I want to buy a laptop computer, I would like to choose one with a smaller screen and one that's not so heavy.

My keyboard always works well, so do my touchpad and speakers. But I do not know why my laptop isn't very fast when I surf the internet.

Maybe because its GB memory is only 1.0. I think if it it 2.0, it could be much better. In addition, my Hard Disk is not very large, only 120GB. Recently, I've noticed that it's nearly full! So if you are purchasing a laptop, consider those two things when you are customizing it.

Anyway, it is an excellent laptop. It has already become an indispensable part of my daily life.

Everyday when I woke up, the first thing I will do is to turn on my laptop and browse some current affairs. I love my laptop a lot. I think DELL is a great company, and next time I will also buy from DELL, but with a lighter laptop and a larger Hard Disk.

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