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Dell laptop Latitude CP

by toshiyuki ihira
(fullerton, ca, usa)

I have Dell laptop Latitude CP that is more than 13 years old but it is still humming. I made a mistake of letting its battery run out. Now the battery doesn't take charge any longer. But the computer itself is in very good condition.

It has 128 m of memory and 3.8 g hard drive. Yes, they are paltry compared to today's standard but this laptop is great for writing your ebook as long as you don't load it with a top heavy software that takes up way too much memory.

It has Win98 so memory-wise I have a problem running a lot of programs. I am thinking of installing Linux and that will give me a virtual memory to run a large program.

This laptop uses swappable CD drive and 3.5 floppy drive. That drive bay can be used as an extra battery bay to increase its operation time.

It is heavy but it has a solid feel coming from thicker panels it is made of. Nothing like today's laptops that feel a little flimsy.

Its keyboard is close to full size and gives you a deep press and strong feedback when you type on it.

Again it has a very solid design and construction. Its screen opens up with a solid hinge that can take a punishment of repeated open and close. Its compact size is great for me. I am not looking to play a game on this machine so there is no need to go after the latest bloated computer.

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Feb 05, 2010
Laptop After 13 Years?
by: Anonymous

I can't believe your Latitude CP works after all of this time. Have you really had it for 13 years? That's amazing!

I'm lucky to get 3 years out of my Dell laptops, although, I do put in quite a large amount of time and energy into them.

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