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Dell Latitude D610 Review

by Paige
(Baltimore, MD)

I bought my Dell laptop in the summer of 2006 for high school. It is a Latitude D610. I use my laptop nearly every day in school and of course on weekends.

I use it for things like taking notes in class on MS Word, browsing the internet (I use Firefox, but recently switched to Chrome), playing a couple games here and there, listening to music, and storing my photos.

So, let me tell you a little bit more about the actual laptop-it sucks! Please don’t buy it! I’ve had problem after problem ever since I got it.

First was the touchpad which broke 3 months after I bought the laptop. One day, it just stopped working. Luckily, Dell replaced it for free, but it was still a hassle. Then, my space bar broke. Yuck. I could barely write a paper in school. Then, about a year after buying my Dell D610, the speakers completely gave out and stopped working.

Why? I have no idea! It’s not like I play music constantly and very loudly.

Finally, the worst problem I had was just this past fall, after about three years of owning the laptop. Like most computers, my laptop began to slow over time, but in the fall of 2009, my hard drive completely crashed one day without warning.

I lost everything! Which included my pictures, my music, my schoolwork, and most importantly-my college essays!

College essays are usually due at the end of December and I had to scramble together to rewrite over five essays that I had lost because of this stupid, cursed machine.

I can’t wait until I graduate this Spring and buy a new laptop. Trust me, it will definitely not be a Dell.

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