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Dell Latitude D620

by Wayne Lin
(Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

Dell Latitude D620 screen

Dell Latitude D620 screen

I bought my Latitude D620 from Dell's official website 4 years ago; it cost me about 160 USD. Because it is my first laptop, Dell's complete cover warranty is the main reason for me to choose it.

It came with Intel T2300 processor (core duo 1.6Ghz), 2GB DDR II-667 RAM, 100GB SATA hard disk, 1440x900 LCD display, DVD burner, Bluetooth module, 802.11g wifi adapter and 3 years of complete cover warranty. I think the best thing about my D620 is its durability, after 4 years it still works fine like the very first day. And the worst thing probably is its temperature; the first generation core duo processor is too hot, sometimes it must slowdown itself for cooling. By the way, its battery life is not very impressive, can't last more than 4 hours while wifi is disabled.

The keyboard and touch pad work just fine, the stroke of keyboard is comfortable and sensitivity of touch pad is moderate, I really enjoy using these. It also features a TrackStick, similar to the TrackPoint of IBM ThinkPad, but it is not very useful as TrackPoint. Although it only has a mono speaker, but the volume is just loud enough for me to watch DVD, so I am satisfied with its built-in speaker.

Despite its temperature, T2300 is good enough to handle most of my applications from Office to MATLAB. And because it has another DIMM slot, I upgraded my memory to 3GB last year; it can afford more heavy duty work now. It is also a very stable one, rarely freeze or crash while using.

I will recommend a Latitude to my friends, because of its reliability and excellent warranty. And I am sure of that Dell will be my first choice when I am looking for my next laptop.

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