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Dell Latitude D830

by Jackie

Overall I have to say that the Dell Latitude series is a lot better than the the laptops from the Dell Home section. The Latitude series is created for business use and is a bit more powerful as a desktop replacement than say the Inspiron series.

The Dell Latitude D830 is a very sleek laptop. It is fairly thin and lightweight and the battery life is pretty good. It lasts about 3 hours the first year then trickles down a bit after that, but you can always purchase an extended battery if you need more time.

The monitor resolution is amazing. At the highest resolution the text might seem very tiny but the quality of the monitor makes it easy to see. It is very crisp.

In terms of the speed and memory, it is a very capable computer. Like I mentioned above, it pretty much serves as a desktop replacement. Of course it also depends on how you configure it and whether or not you abuse it (installing a lot of junk on it). I use it primarily for business use and have had no problems with it.

The only thing I've never liked about Dell laptops was how it tends to overheat. I previously owned the D810 which would always get so hot that you could cook an egg on it I swear. The D830 sees a lot of improvement on this but to be safe I'd prop up the back end to give it a bit more ventilation. I use the Dell laptop dock so it's naturally propped up.

Overall, I would probably recommend this laptop. It's a good, solid laptop from Dell.

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