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Dell Latitude XT PP12S

by Jan

I decided on this laptop because I was excited to use the tablet capabilities in my studies.

The best things about my laptop are its dependability, speed, and the tablet features. I have yet to have any issues with the computer itself. It’s stable, and ran a very easy upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. It moves faster than any computer I’ve used before, and I can run many programs at once.

The worst things about my computer are the adapter, battery life, and cooling system. The charger broke within a few weeks, but Dell replaced it within a day free of charge (due to my warranty). The battery life is under three hours a lot of the time, which isn’t quite enough when I need to use it for a full day of classes. The laptop also gets hot really easily, but this is necessary do to its small size and portability.

The keyboard is great. It’s comfortable and easy to type on. The touchpad and trackpoint leave something to be desired, but that’s not a big deal because of the touch screen, which I use for my primary pointing device. It’s easy to use, especially in Windows 7, and supports multi-touch.

The speed and performance, as mentioned above are great. I‘ve had no issues with it so far, and it multitasks like a dream.

I would recommend this laptop to friends, and I do. I’ll try and stick with Dell because I feel they have great products and great customer support.

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