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Dell Precision M90

by Dan Lewis
(Woodstock Ga. USA)

I currently own the Dell Precision M90 laptop that I bought approximately 2 years ago. I purchased it used from a local shop and I have been very pleased with it up until now.

This computer was built and upgraded by someone who obviously was into gaming and online FPS games. This computer has one of the best video cards I have ever seen. The video card is a Legacy card with 8 gigs of memory.

Some of the other specs that came with this laptop are Genuine Intel T-2500 dual processors. It is extremely fast and have no problems from them at all. Both processor have internal fans so overheating is not a problem.

It also came with NEC DVD RW ND 6650A, it has 4 USB ports, and standard ports found on most system relating to 3.5 drive, audio and video jacks, headphone jack, external monitor hookup and others.

The laptop has been upgraded with 4 gb of ram at 988mhrz.

I have been extremely happy with this system as I have had no problems out of it at all.

The only thing I would upgrade is the internal speakers as they are not very good. If listening to music or you want good sound for game play, a set of external speakers works great.

I believe this is one of the best if not top ten laptops I have used or seen. I would not hesitate to buy it again. It retailed for about $2100.00 dollars and i picked it up used for $900.00

I would not hesitate to buy a Dell product as I already own a desktop model for home use, which I am extremely pleased with.

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