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Dell Studio 15 Problems

by Michelle

Dell Studio 15 screen

Dell Studio 15 screen

I was very excited about getting my Dell Studio 15. Most of the reviews I had read were wonderful. And with its 500gb hard drive and 4gb RAM, it was going to be a big upgrade from my previous model!

It arrived perfectly packaged from FedEx the day they said it would. Going from the pictures online I expected the "chainlink black" pattern to make my computer look like a cheap toy, but it was really quite beautiful.

Then, I turned my computer on. The images on my 1920x1080 screen were so bright, crisp, and clear. The remaining setup steps were relatively easy and I quickly fell in love with some of the features Dell included :)

After a couple of hours though, the area to the right of the touchpad became so hot that it burned my fingers.

When I tried the webcam, the quality was horrible! When I used my new backlit keyboard it felt flimsy. And when I tried to plug things into the USB ports, only one of them fit properly.

It didn't take long for me to become disappointed in my $1600 purchase. A few weeks later I tried to listen to music and watch movies, only to find that the default speakers were very low quality. I will not be recommending this model to any of my friends. I hope that Dell gets back on my good side with one of their future models.

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