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Dell Studio 1535

by Joshua
(North Carolina)

Dell Studio 1535 Web Browser

Dell Studio 1535 Web Browser

I chose this laptop for several reasons. First was the color scheme. I purchased it for my mother and this was a huge selling point for her. The flyer that came in the mail jump-started my buy with the great deals and financing available at the time. Once I called to find out more about the PC there were even more savings to be had.

This was great buy for the price. With a dual-core 2.0 ghz processor, and 4 GB of Ram as well as Windows Vista Home Premium which includes several additional feature not found in the lesser versions of this OS. My particular model is capped off with a 120 GB Hard drive.

The Studio 1535 has many positive features, and a few, arbitrary at best con's. This model comes with a full HD 15.4 inch screen and a HDMI port to go along with it. With that one cable my 40" Sharp Aquos transforms into a great youtube'ing, Hulu'ing, and Facebooking machine. Add a wireless keyboard/mouse combo and all of a sudden I'm relaxing on my bed, playing Farmville in my pajamas! On the down side there seems to be an issue with the touch buttons across the top of the keyboard, sometimes they are less sensitive than I would like, other times they either do not respond at all and i have to use another method such as going to "computer" and right-clicking eject. Also, sometimes this thing will repeatedly attempt to eject a disc that isn't there.

The keyboard and keys are good, solid, and well laid out, the keys are easy to find, though I wish they were back-lit. The touch-pad on the other hand is problematic. Sometimes, usually when I'm heavily invested in my favorite game. The mouse will stop moving and you are forced to click repeatedly with the physical button to regain control which can really throw you off mid-game. The speakers are rather underpowered and lacking all the way around, while they are relatively crisp, they are quiet, and there is no depth at all to them.

With the Dual core Intel processors this laptop is comparatively faster than many comparably priced devices. 2.0 GHz is quite fast enough for most tasks short of video editing, while graphic intense games can be a bit choppy many games will run without problems.

Overall, I would recommend this PC to friends and family based on value, performance, and ease of use. The system is stable, well laid out with just enough add-ons from Dell to make this respectable device at a reasonable price.

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