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Dell Studio Laptop

by Casey

After having a terrible Fujitsu notebook through high school that had problem after problem, I bought myself a Dell studio laptop. I'm so glad I made the change!

The laptop itself looks great, I got to choose the lid cover which was great it made me feel like I had something that really belonged to me. I prefer the black keys on my Dell as it makes the keys easier to read.

I could also pick and choose hardware that I would or wouldn’t need just as a backlight for the keyboard or a webcam.

These choices also made the laptop a lot cheaper for me since I could pick and choose. Many other laptop brands won’t allow you to do that.

After having this laptop for about a year and a half I am happy to say that I have had no problems with it. There have been no hardware or software issues, it runs the games and art programs that I wanted it to, and the browsing speed is just as good as when I first got it.

I really have had no issues with this laptop which is a first. The only gripe I have is that if the keys happen to pop off, they are not as simple to reattach as other notebooks.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a new laptop. I would especially recommend these to students that need to tailor a laptop to their needs and are purchasing with a budget.

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