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Dell Vostro 1000

by Elizabeth
(United States)

Dell Vostro 1000

Dell Vostro 1000

My laptop is a Dell Vostro 1000. I bought it in mid 2008 because I was looking for an affordable laptop that would meet my processing and document needs for college. It is now 2 years old and still functions fairly well. When I first bought it, I had no real complaints about it other than it was somewhat heavy.

However, I had not really researched its size and weight, only its specifications and functionality.
Presently, my main concern with my laptop is the keyboard. Some of the keys have become stubborn and do not always enter data when you press them the first time.

I believe that with some research I can probably take the keyboard out of the laptop itself and spray with a can of air. I imagine after 2 years of use, it is probably dusty and dirty. The touchpad works fine, however I use a mouse most of the time. The speakers also work well and I?ve had no problems with them since I have owned the laptop.

My laptop has the following specifications:

Windows Vista with AMD 64 Athlon X2


120 GB Hard drive space

CD and DVD+ - RW Burner

4 USB ports

Wi-fi capable

6 cell lithium battery

The processor is dual core and does everything I need: word processing, internet browsing, videos, movies, music, games, and more. I have plenty of hard drive space for all of my pictures, music files, and documents for school. For the amount of money I paid for this laptop (~$550), it has served me well over the past 2 years of my college education. I believe that it is definitely a great budget laptop for students and new graduates.

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