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Entire laptop with screen and keyboard

Entire laptop with screen and keyboard

I purchased this Dell Vostro 1510 laptop, a few months ago. It is a great laptop and has many features too.

I especially like that it has a wide screen on about seventeen inches. It has two great quality speakers, one on each side of the QWERTY keyboard. This laptop also has unique touch screen keys to play, pause, rewind, forward, eject, and to raise and lower volume. There are four USB ports for easy transfer from multiple flash drives to others.

The CD inserts directly into the laptop so there is no pulling out the CD drive which is great. One other feature I would like to mention is that it has my favorite feature, an SD/MMC/MS/Pro slot.

Another thing that this laptop consists of is a microphone jack, or audio input jack. It also has a headphone jack, or an audio output jack. In the front of the laptop there are also to lit up signs when on or charging. One is a picture of the battery that turns on when charging and off when fully charged so you know when to unplug it, while the other is the power sign that is on when the laptop is on and blinking when the laptop is in hibernation or sleep mode.

It also comes with a built in program that lets you adjust the features when you connect it through an RGB cable to an external display such as a television. Yes, it does have an RGB input. These are some of the great features of the Dell Vostro 1510 laptop and I highly recommend it.

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