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Dell XPS

I have a Dell XPS Laptop. The laptop came with 106 GB of memory and came with Windows XP. One of the reasons I purchased this computer is because it was one of the few Dell laptops that came with Windows XP instead of Vista.

The large screen on the computer is great for watching videos and working on large spreadsheets. However, because the computer is so large it is not very portable.

The computer can also get very hot when it is resting on your lap. The keyboard is a good size, but it s not very durable. I have had a key fall off from being hit too hard by a child.

The touchpad worked smoothly when I first got the computer. After a few years of use the touchpad now sticks occasionally. The speakers are not horrible, but I wish they were louder. The speaker volume is good for watching movies, but it does not play music loud enough to dance to.

The speed of the computer was very fast when I first purchased it. However, with time the speed has slowed down and many programs will take a few minutes to open. One strange feature of this laptop is that it has the letters XPS on the top that randomly light up red.

It is strange when you are on the other side of the room and the computer lights up. I would recommend this laptop to a friend as long as they were purchasing it to use at home not to carry to work or class. It is too large to transport from home to school or work.

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