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Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion dv4 Notebook PC

by Tim Abrahamson
(Hoover,,AL USA)

HP with website open

HP with website open

I enjoy my HP Pavilion dv4 because it is a full size notebook computer. It's a nice pearl white color with a cool design on the back of the computer.

The computer has 4gb DDR2 with a 320gb hard drive. The processor is an AMD Turion 2 dual-core mobile M500 2.20 GHz.

It has Windows 7 home edition installed as the computer's operation system. The best thing about the laptop is that it is a fast and reliable computer for what I use it for.

The hard drive is big so I can fit a lot of music on it. The 4gb RAM keep the computer running smooth and fast with no lag. The worst part about the laptop is that sometimes the programs have trouble responding and will waste a decent amount of time restarting the computer.

The keyboard is the perfect size for me and I have no trouble typing fast and accurate. The touchpad sometimes has issues reading my fingers and or finger movements. The scroll bar on the side is hard to use when multiple programs are running. The speakers are a little quiet even when turned up all of the way, but that is no problem considering that I use headphones. The speed of the laptop is great.

I can multi-task with no slow ups. Start up and log in only take about thirty to forty seconds. This is the fastest computer I have ever owned.

I would certainly recommend this computer to a friend or anybody at that. The computer itself was a great deal for the price of five hundred dollars. HP is the only kind of computer I will buy from here on out.

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